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Student Accommodation for Indian Students in UKStudent Accommodation for Indian Students in UK

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Jun 17 2022

Student Accommodation for Indian Students in UK

Besides being home to some of the best universities in the world, it also has the world’s most renowned companies here. In recent years, more and more students are flocking to the city to finish their higher studies. Due to this, there are several student accommodations that have come up throughout the city. 

Halls of Residence
In London or anywhere around the UK, halls of residences mean accommodation that is provided by the university itself. These can either be situated within the campus or around it. This means that you won’t have to spend time commuting everyday. It’s also a more budget-friendly option, since it only provides the basic amenities and you will be needed to share your room with your peers. For first year students, this is a top choice, since it gives them the security and structure that they need in a new city. However, university halls of residences usually function on a first come first serve basis, so you are not guaranteed a spot at any point. It’s wise to have a backup too, in case you don’t manage to secure your spot here.

Private Halls of Residence
Private halls are very similar to university halls, only privately owned. The luxury provided here is unmatched, so you will be living your best life here. All the facilities and amenities that you can dream of will be available at the private halls. From a gym, to a cinema room, to outdoor courtyards, you will have a good time living a convenient life here. Private halls also tend to be located closer ito the universities, cutting your commute time short. Although a tad bit more expensive than the other options, it’s all worth it if convenience is what you’re looking for. Inclusive bills make life easier and do not leave you to deal with pesky bills every other week.

Private Renting
If living independently is what you’re after, going for a private apartment will be your best bet. You can choose to live alone or share your apartment with flatmates. The latter will also allow you to save some money while living the life you’ve been after. Living on your own comes with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, you will literally be on your own. Be it paying bills or shopping for groceries, you will have to do all of it yourself. Another important factor to consider before committing to anything is your safety. Since you will be living on your own, you will have to ensure that your flat is situated in a safe neighbourhood and comes with a good set of locks. A lot of private apartments are located further away from the university, which will require you to invest some time of your day commuting to your university. If you are ready for that, go ahead with your choice. It can also be a pretty rewarding experience and your first step toward independent living!

Book Student Accommodation in the UK
Once you’ve secured a spot at your dream university, its now time to move on to the next step, which, ideally is accommodation hunting.  Uscholars has partnered with Best Student Halls to provide you quality, safe and budget-friendly accommodation in London and the UK. You can get in touch with our expert consultants for any advice that you may need regarding the universities or student accommodation in London/UK.
  • Our consultants provide assistance on how to get admissions in the top universities in the UK
  • You can also contact them in case you need help with your accommodation after you have received your offer letter
  • Free consultation is provided for any admission or accommodation related query on the website
  • Once you’ve finalised an accommodation, pay your deposit and secure your spot with us!

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