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Student Insurance
Stay safe with our specialised insurance coverage for your health, accidents, and personal belongings that provides you with a peace of mind so that you can pursue your academic goals!
Student Insurance


Preparing for a study abroad journey involves a lot of steps, such as selecting courses, universities, obtaining a visa, and travelling to fulfil our aspirations. However, the preparation doesn't end there, as the real journey begins when we move abroad and face challenges like adjusting to university life, adapting to a new culture, managing assignments, and taking care of our health.

To reduce the workload and allow more time for other important tasks, it is important to consider signing up for student insurance. Your study abroad advisors can help you select the perfect insurance. This insurance can provide invaluable support to students during difficult times. When travelling to a new country, it is advisable to get yourself covered. When talking about studying, it is not only advisable but also compulsory. If you are going to be studying abroad for a duration of six months or more, you need to get yourself insured.

What is Student Insurance for an International Student?

Student insurance for international students is a type of health insurance that provides medical coverage and other benefits to students who are studying abroad. It is designed to protect students from unexpected medical expenses that may arise while they are studying in a foreign country.

International students face unique challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare abroad. They may be unfamiliar with the local healthcare system, and may not know how to find a doctor or hospital that can provide quality care. In addition, they may not have the financial resources to cover the cost of medical treatment if they become ill or injured while abroad.

Student insurance for international students typically includes coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and other benefits. Some policies may also include coverage for mental health services, maternity care, and pre-existing conditions.

It is important for international students to have adequate insurance coverage while studying abroad, as they may face unforeseen medical emergencies or accidents. Without insurance, the cost of medical treatment can be expensive and may lead to financial hardship for the student and their family. By having insurance, international students can focus on their studies and enjoy their time abroad, knowing that they are protected in case of a medical emergency.

Types Of Insurance

Explore the coverage options we have of health, accidents and personal belongings. We strive to keep you safe in every aspect of life.
Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The most common and the most important insurance around. Health insurance for international students comes in various types to cater the needs and circumstances while studying abroad. Many colleges and universities offer their own health insurance policies that include full coverage for prescriptions, emergency services and medical costs. Some countries may have government sponsored health insurance programs for international students, ensuring their access to medical treatment while they are studying there. At Uscholars we also have specialised plans with extra features like dental care and pre existing condition coverage for students who are looking for private insurance. International students can discover the ideal health insurance plan with Uscholars, safeguarding their health while allowing them to concentrate on their academic endeavours no matter where they are.
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

For international students who are travelling the world, travel insurance is a crucial part of their insurance alternatives. In order to secure students safety and wellbeing while travelling, Uscholars offers a variety of travel insurance plans. We are aware of the special demands of students studying abroad and also make sure to cater to those needs. Our travel insurance provides coverage for necessary medical costs, guaranteeing that students can access high-quality healthcare in an emergency. Students may feel secure as they set out on their overseas adventures with the coverage it offers for the trip cancellations, lost luggage and other travel related problems. International students may concentrate on their academics and exploration knowing that they are protected and supported during their fascinating global adventures with Uscholars’ all inclusive travel insurance.

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Why is Insurance Necessary for an International Student?

International students require student insurance for various reasons. One of the primary reasons is that it offers financial protection in case of unforeseen health emergencies or accidents while pursuing their education abroad. Medical expenses can be expensive, and without insurance, it can pose a significant financial burden on both the student and their family. At Uscholars, our study abroad advisors will help select the ideal Student insurance that covers such expenses, providing peace of mind and alleviating financial stress.

In addition, student insurance can also cover the cost of emergency medical evacuation or return in case of serious medical conditions. This can be particularly important in situations where local medical facilities are not equipped to handle a particular medical condition, or when the student needs to be transported back to their home country for medical treatment.

Furthermore, the right student insurance selected by your Study abroad Advisors at Uscholars can also provide coverage for travel-related issues such as trip cancellations, lost baggage, and flight delays. These events can be stressful and disrupt the student's studies, and insurance coverage can help alleviate these situations.

Overall, having student insurance is crucial for international students to have a successful and stress-free experience while studying abroad. It allows students to focus on their education and personal growth without worrying about unexpected expenses or emergencies.


Student Insurance covers everything from Medical illnesses, accidents and thefts to personal belongings.
Although student insurance is not a necessity, when an unforeseen situation arises while students are studying abroad and they don’t know what to do, it may prove to be of great help.
The coverage can start on the same day as the application or just before you embark on your study abroad journey! 
Standard student insurance plans frequently exclude pre-existing medical issues. It's important to enquire about specific terms and conditions because some specialised policies might offer very limited coverage for particular pre-existing conditions.
Normally, you have to get in touch with your insurance company directly to file a claim. They will walk you through the procedure, which can require presenting pertinent papers including medical records, invoices, and other supporting documentation. You must become familiar with the claim procedure in advance so that you will know what to do in an emergency.

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