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MBA in The UK

MBA in The UK

The United Kingdom offers some of the most diverse, dynamic and successful MBA programs in the world. You, too, can be a part of these premier institutions and become a part of the workforce responsible for shaping the future.

Students at Universities like Oxford, Warwick, London School of Business, are spearheading advances in the world of business. All you need to do is have faith and apply and you can bewalking in the footsteps of the giants.

An in-depth knowledge of the course that you would be dedicating your time and resources to, is absolutely essential. Before you settle down on an MBA in the UK, here are a few questions that we have answered for you.

Who can apply for an MBA in the UK?

Students from all different educational backgrounds come for MBA courses. It comes as no surprise since anyone can have an aptitude for business and the UK recognises that. If you have a degree in any field with a respectable percentage of marks, you will be able to apply for an MBA in the UK.

Most reputable universities and colleges also ask for competitive GMAT scores to study MBA in the UK, the better you score, the higher your chances for getting admission in the top of the league table universities. However, you can also get into universities and colleges without having appeared for GMAT; the only downside is that your pool gets much smaller.

How long is an MBA in the UK?

The average length of an MBA in the UK is anywhere between 12 to 15 months. Additionally, students also opt for two-year MBAs as well that cover a term of 21 months. The length depends on various different factors, including the specific course you have chosen, the type of MBA in the UK you are pursuing, etc.

What are the different types of MBA courses offered in the UK?

There are three types of MBAs that you can pursue in the UK. The first one is a full-time MBA where you attend around 20 hours of classes per week on campus. The second type is a part-time MBA that is usually opted by working professionals who split their time between work and studies. Finally, students have the option of pursuing distance education and getting their MBA in the UK certification without having to come down to the university.

Whether you have opted for a full time or a part time education also determines the length of your MBA programme.

How much does it cost to study an MBA in the UK?

A typical MBA programme in the UK can cost anywhere between 10,000 GBP to 45,900 GBP for a year of study. It might sound like a lot but studying MBA in the UK is very lucrative and offers unparalleled exposure, therefore making it one of the most popular courses amongst students.

Do I need work experience to apply for an MBA in the UK?

Although work experience is highly appreciated when applying for an MBA in the UK it is not mandatory. There are numerous colleges and universities that offer excellent courses without needing a prior experience.
The UK is bubbling with great opportunities and places where you can get excellent education in business administration. However, getting into an MBA program that supplements your growth and complements your personality is vital. Therefore, we have curated a list of some of the best MBA universities in the UK and why you should choose them.

London Business School

Touted is one of the best MBA programs in the world and definitely somewhere at the top when it comes to Europe, London Business School is known for its flexibility. You can choose to do a full-time, a part-time or an executive MBA in the UK. The experience offered by the university is highly hands-on and includes site visits, workshops, panels, etc.

University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

If you are interested in studying MBA in the UK, then the name of Judge Business School will surely come up. At the heart of this MBA in the UK lies the prestigious Global Consulting Program where the students get to participate in live consulting programs for business across the world. If getting practical experience is at the top of your agenda then this is the place for you.

University of Oxford, Said Business School

The University of Oxford is one of the best MBA universities in the UK and this comes as no surprise. Although the general MBA program is only a year long, you can also opt for a longer Executive MBA that lets you combine another masters degree with your MBA in the UK. This way, you get an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject, allowing you to master the field of your choosing.

University of Warwick, Warwick Business School

The business program at Warwick is one that focuses on diversity and inclusion. So, for example, if you are looking for an excellent MBA in the UK for Indian students, Chinese students, American students, who would like to return to their home markets and still be top of the game, then this is the one for you. Additionally, if you are looking for reputed distance learning programs, then Warwick offers some of the best in the world. For the students looking for MBA colleges in London, Warwick’s London campus is based in The Shard.

Imperial College Business School

If you are planning to study MBA in the UK at the Imperial College Business School, we think you have made the right move. The place offers an intensive Global Experience Week which is a foreign trip that offers the students a taste of what all is possible after their MBA. For many students, it is the highlight of their 12 or 12-month program.
Many see getting a student UK visa as a huge bottleneck for their plan to study MBA in the UK. Although getting a student visa is almost at the top of MBA requirements in the UK, it is not all that hard as it is made out to be. In fact, around 98% of students who apply for a student visa for the UK, do get in.

The trick here is to be informed and prepared. You must have all relevant documents for your study of MBA in the UK, in case you are asked to provide further proof of finances, education or character. Also, it is vital that you be able to convince the authorities that you are dedicated to your studies and are going to the UK to pursue your dream.

The most straightforward way to do so is by writing a convincing Statement of Purpose or an SOP for your study of MBA in the UK. You should also be prepared to give a live interview where you will be asked questions about your educational choices, like the choice of universities/colleges, courses, etc.

Although this all might sound overwhelming, it is a cakewalk if you know what to do and how to go about it. According to the government of the UK, the following is an exhaustive list of everything that you might need when applying for a student visa, be it for an MBA in the UK or for other courses.

- A current passport or other valid travel documents

- A CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) from your course provider

- Proof of funds

- Written confirmation from a sponsor if you have one

- Proof of consent from parents/legal guardians if you are under 18

- Proof of relationship to parents/legal guardians

- Current medical reports (TB, etc)

- English proficiency test reports

While the above list covers almost everything, requirements for your MBA in the UK might change depending on your particular circumstances. Therefore, we advise that you take the help of a professional when applying for a UK study visa. This is an important step in your route towards studying MBA in the UK.
The UK is opening up its doors for working professionals in unprecedented ways. This is a great opportunity for international students who want to study MBA in the UK or pursue other courses, be it graduate or postgraduate.

When it comes to working throughout your studies, a UK student visa will grant you twenty hours of weekly work time. You can earn a part of your living and in some cases, your entire living as you work part-time during your MBA in the UK or other studies.

However, the UK government announced the Graduate Route program in July 2021 that allows students to be able to work for two years in the UK after the completion of their studies. The best part about this program is its flexibility.

Let us assume that you are looking at options for MBA in the UK for Indian students. Once you have done your MBA, you can simply apply for a work permit. When you apply for a permit, you do not have to have a job offer in hand and there is no minimum limit for salary that you have to have in order to get the work permit.

Furthermore, both graduate and masters students can avail this opportunity. If you, by any chance, have achieved a PhD from a reputed UK university, you also get to stay for three years on your work permit.

Therefore, if you are looking at opportunities for pursuing your MBA in the UK, we would say that there is no better time.
Collecting all relevant information regarding your study of MBA in the UK will inevitably lead you to the actual application process. Now that you have gauged your interests, zeroed in on your choice of universities and courses, we would say that the time is ripe to apply for an MBA in the UK.

English Proficiency: This is something that you will have to get out of the way. You need to appear for your IELTS or TOEFL exam and get at least the minimum score required by your university/course of choice. This is also applicable if you are studying MBA in the UK.

Transcripts: It is important to have copies of all your past, official transcripts ready to be submitted along with your application. Once you get admission and arrive at the university for your MBA in the UK, you will also be asked to produce the original copies of all your documents/mark sheets/transcripts.

Entrance Exams: MBA programs in the UK are very competitive and you will need to get a good score in your GREs, GMATs, PTEs, etc. Only once you have your scores in hand is it advisable to apply.

Work Experience: Not all but many MBAs in the UK will ask for at least a year of work experience. Be prepared with all the documentation for the work experience, be it full-time work, internships, volunteering work, etc.

Recommendation: Before you study MBA in the UK, your character will be assessed and one of the ways is through professional recommendations. The better your recommendation, the safer you are.

Travel Documentation: Before you get your visa to study an MBA in the UK, you must also have all relevant travel documents ready. We are talking about a valid passport with its first and last page, all correction pages, passport size photographs, etc.

Application Form: You will also have to have a completely filled application form for your MBA in the UK.

Statement of Purpose: Commonly known as SoPs, these might be the most important document for your MBA in the UK or any program for that matter. We say this because this is the document that will make you stand out from the crowd holding similar degrees, scores, work experience, etc. This is the document through which you woo the admissions officer with your unique perspective for your MBA in the UK, or any other course, and your vision of the future.

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